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8th Horseless Carriage Club of America International Tour

Tweed Valley, NSW, Australia

Sunday 26th May - Saturday 1st June 2024

The Tweed Valley

We're busy behind the scenes organising this amazing tour around the Tweed Valley


Please fill out an expression of interest to gauge numbers and to allow us to plan accordingly.

Dates to Remember

April 2023 

   Newsletter #1

June 2023 

   Newsletter #2

August 2023 

   Entries Open

   Newsletter #3

November 2023 

   Newsletter #4

February 2024 

   Meals, activities and merchandise order open

   Newsletter #5

April 2024 

   Newsletter #6

May 26th 2024

   Tour Registration 

   Welcome Function

Our Mascot

This our mascot that will be signposted throughout the Tweed Valley to get you from point A to B each day. Make sure to look out for him! 

Contact Us

General Enquiries 

Please email us at

Organising Committee

Russell & Christine Holden

US: +1 757 434 0056

AUS: +61 422 219 911

Michael & Claudia Holding 

AUS: +61 407 008 895

Ross & Rhonda Guthrie

Andrea Holden & Tom Killingback

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