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International Visitors

We're organising a 2-3 day tourist focused tour to get our international friends acclimatised to the beautiful Brisbane and lower Queensland coastline! Read below to find out more!

We're advising all of our international entrants to fly straight into Brisbane airport as this is the closest international airport to The Tweed. We'll organise a fellow Aussie to meet you at the airport and help you make your way to a common accommodation where you can meet all of the other international visitors.


The tour we'll be organising will run for approximately 3 days before the start of The Tweed tour and will take you around the sights at Brisbane, an opportunity to visit the one of the southern islands in the Great Barrier Reef and the final destination being The Tweed.

We're hoping to have a more structured itinerary by the end of August, so keep your eyes out for that! 

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